Quick Wig Review With No Video – Perfection by Eva Gabor in Color GL6-30

Ugh! I disliked this one so much I moved it through my revolving wig door without even reviewing it. I sincerely hope the woman who was willing to take it off my hands was able to work with it, as I found it to be a serious disappointment.

Perfection is a new Fall 2012 style for the Gabor line, and the cap is an open construction and very light. It is as comfortable as any other Gabor wig, but the style is nothing like the photos and completely blah. I mean, look at the back of this thing! Could it look any less styled?

Perfection, thy name is NOT Gabor.

The front view is not much better. Much longer than the photos and really shapeless, not to mention that the one I received had a section of wiry flyaway hair that wouldn’t settle down and looked as if it were heat-damaged.


Check out the side view for a better look at the flyaway fiber, as well as the general shapelessness of the style (and no, these are not good photos at all; I took them in a hurry as putting on ugly wigs is bad for the soul and I wanted to get this thing off my head as quickly as possible).

My soul is crying. 

I don’t know what to say about Perfection other than it looks nothing like the advertising photos and isn’t much fun at all. I’m rarely disappointed by a Gabor wig, but this one was a big old thumbs-down for me. It was bound to happen sometime, I guess. Kind of like giving a thumbs-up to an Envy wig! Rare, but it does happen.


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