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Dec 06, 2013 by Katie

Sadly, I have to give this wig a three star review. While the cut and curls of Always are really lovely, I have found that with the True2Life heat resistant hair fibers frizz badly and very easily. I have purchased this wig twice now; the first time I put heat to it with roll curlers and it frizzed like no tomorrow!! I figured that if I purchased it again and didn't mess with it that it would last like RW's other wigs I own.....I thought wrong!!!! I'm so disappointed because this is a beautiful wig. Be warned; if you purchase this wig know that it just does not last long.

Winner Elite

Dec 05, 2013 by Nancy

This wig gets two stars due to the wonderful cap construction. I do not, however, like the lace front on this or any other wig. It's very light and comfortable. In addition to the lace front, the hair was very hard to style and has a definite opinion on how it wanted to lay. It also has a very wiry feel to the hair fibers. If I could do it over, I would not have spent the extra money on the Winner Elite and would have purchased the Winner. In my opinion, it was not worth the additional cost. I expected more from a $300 wig.


Oct 06, 2013 by Sirena Rivera

Upstage is a layered bob-style wig designed and made by Raquel Welch. I ended up getting a bargain-basement price for what I have found to be a very stylish hairpiece that has become my current favorite go-to style. The color I ended up getting is a RL8/29, which is a light-medium brown base with reddish-golden highlights scattered throughout. Out of the box, the layers fall around the face with a good amount of body, along with a feathered side bang that works well without a need to trim or thin the wig.

Upstage has just enough hair and there is no need to get it thinned. The hair is made from Raquel Welch's True2Life, which is a heat-resistant synthetic fiber. It can be curled or flat-ironed on a low or medium heat setting, but as with any synthetic wig, it's best to take good measure and not overdo it on the heat. I can't attest to how well Upstage holds any extra curl or straightness, as I haven't had the courage yet to put heat to it. I do not have much experience with such fiber or with human hair, but as far as I can tell, the hair on Upstage feels like nothing I've had before, even equaling the quality of synthetic fiber one sees in your average Rene of Paris wig. Interestingly, the Tru2Life takes a curl without heat. I can flip the ends in and out with no need for a curling iron and it tends to stay, if only for a couple of hours. This is, to me, very high-quality hair.

This wig is 100% hand-tied, including the monofilament top, with a stretchy cap. My problem with monos has been that the fronts don't tend to stretch to my head's dimensions; I tend to need wigs that have a longer ear-to-ear measurement. I like this cap because it stretches enough to compensate for any lack of “give” on the monotop. If you have none of your own hair, your scalp will show right through because of the hand-tied construction, but if you do have any degree of your own “homegrown” hair, I suggest wearing a lightly colored wig cap underneath, so as to increase the realism of this wig. The fact that Upstage has this kind of cap also allows one to change the part wherever desired.

As if the cap weren't enough to provide Upstage with a sense of looking like your own hair, it also has a pre-cut temple-to-temple lace front. I was amazed at how well the front fell on my forehead, and without any need for glue or tape. With my medium skin tone, the lightly colored lace blends with little evidence. The lace seems a little fragile, to take some care with that. You'll also need to be mindful of any of the fiber getting underneath the front, so get under there with a rat-tail comb.

If I have any complaint about this wig is that is seems a little thin in the top, and if the part isn't right, it looks like there is a little too much part. That minor issue was resolved once I started wearing a wig cap (which I tend not to do, but I do in the case of wearing this wig).

I've seen Upstage priced in the $300 US price range, and I ended up paying about 90% less for mine. It's a little pricey for my taste, but I like this wig so much, I'd be willing to pay what it costs if I continue wearing layered bobs like this. I give Upstage a worthy wig to buy.

Limelight By Raquel Welch

Oct 01, 2013 by Jodi

I have bought and worn many wigs and this was the very worst of the lot! The fiber is dreadful, so thin you can see the cap and impossible to style! The lace front is very wiry with random hairs all over the place (This was after a second replacement) NEVER AGAIN!
PS (I had to rate with a star but it did not warrant one)!

Camera Ready

Aug 30, 2013 by Katie

I just ordered my second Camera ready wig. This wig is totally natural looking; I get compliments on it all the time. The cap is comfortable and the lace front is very natural. The way the hair lays on your head helps to cover up some of the lace anyway - so the little you do see is a very realistic hairline. I like the fiber of the hair and find it quite easy to wear.

I use Woolite to wash it with and Downy Free to condition it in and the wig is in great shape.

You will not regret this purchase - it's worth every penny.

Scene Stealer

Aug 30, 2013 by Lana

Scene Stealer is a great mono top lace front wig. She has true2life fibers you can change the style with heat. Though I never did. It was one of my first lace fronts so I kept seeing the lace but no one else did. It is not a high dense wig by any means. And the hair looks very natural the ends of the hair look thin. But again I'm used too much thicker hair.

The length is long but nothing unmanageable. It's a great wig if you like heat styleable fibers.

3.3 5.0 6 6 Sadly, I have to give this wig a three star review. While the cut and curls of Always are really lovely, I have found that with the True2Life heat resistant hair fibers frizz badl Raquel Welch Wigs